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Coggiola Vehicles and Sustainable Mobility Project

The COGGIOLA VEHICLES Project sees sustainable mobility as the most effective way to safeguard the environment: curbing the pollution currently produced by wheeled vehicles is, in fact, only possible by accelerating the generational shift from fossil fuel cars to full-electric vehicles serving both private and public users. The first step in this direction is the planned production of 3 new lines of full-electric vehicles with 2, 3 and 4-wheelers (both L7E and M1 type-approved) that anticipate the future of mobility to meet all kinds of city needs, tourist, public and delivery. An all-MADE IN ITALY project that represents a concrete response to the changing of mobility as a moment of ecological and cultural transition.
COGGIOLA – An ecological line (100% electric – zero emissions), silent and able to satisfy every type of needs related to the citizen, tourist and delivery.

Format Industrial Citycar

Coggiola’s first line of electric vehicles is dedicated to urban mobility and includes compact but robust city cars that anticipate the future of city mobility and beyond. Tested in the streets of Turin, they were immediately dubbed “MICRO SUVs” because of their 19-inch wheels, four-wheel drive, very high performance and a “muscularity” evident in every detail.
Available in many versions and layouts (urban, convertible, pickup, giardinetta, gran turismo and even with 4×4 traction), with lengths from 280 to 399 cm, they will also be available with “heavy electric quadricycle – L7E” homologation in order to achieve two goals: drastically lowering the purchase cost and expanding the target audience to include 16-year-olds.



also available in 4×4 and offroad 4×4
Limited edition Heavy Duty Quadricycles “L7E”

L7E from € 17.000


The line is particularly rich in models and versions, to which are also adds the choice between traditional vehicles (M1 approval) and heavy quadricycles (L7E approval) which can be driven from the age of 16 and characterized by a very low cost.

M1 from € 23.900


0 to 90 Km/h
Short wheelbase dimensions
Long wheelbase dimensions
Pickup and van short wheelbase dimensions
Long wheelbase dimensions for pickup, station wagon and van


about 200 Km
90 Km/h (limited by regulations)
13/14 sec
15 Kw (limited by regulations)
H 160 (4×2) / 165 (4×4)


about 350 Km
160 Km/h
Less than 12 sec
24 – 30 Kw
H 160 (4×2) / 165 (4×4)

Performance and Technological Innovation

Jewels of technology and design Made in Italy. The research and development (R&D) department of the Project has been carrying out careful research in the fields of power generation, electrical conductivity, efficiency of new electric motors and lightness of materials in Turin for nearly 4 years in order to ensure maximum performance for its vehicles.


Energy recovery systems (braking and downhill travel) are being perfected, as well as the study of a WIND POWER GENERATION system for motor vehicles by harnessing the air encountered by the moving vehicle and conveying it inside. The goal is to harness the power of wind to greatly increase the duration of the electrical charge inside the batteries, and to create, as well, new current generators with the use of super-conducting and insulating materials that allow for fast, efficient and leakage-free (or almost free) electrical production.
Such a system for recharging the battery during the daily use of the car represents a real innovation destined to revolutionize the relevant market: at first it will be adopted only by Coggiola vehicles, and later it will be made available to the automotive market and beyond. Alongside this system, every Coggiola vehicle will adopt next-generation composite materials to make the entire vehicle, which are ideal for reducing weight and environmental impact.


One of the major critical issues found in smaller cars even of modern design is related to the system of air conditioning, which is often underpowered or difficult to manage: all Coggiola vehicles will adopt an air conditioning system diffused through thousands of microholes positioned inside the passenger compartment. Such a solution makes it possible to cool uniformly, very quietly and without unpleasant and unhealthy jets of cold air.


Although they are very compact vehicles, in terms of safety, Coggiola vehicles are no match for larger cars, and this is thanks to the adoption of passive safety systems such as ANTI-INTRUSION BARS on the side, ROLL-BAR CABINETS, FRAME IN STEEL.
Another feature in terms of “safety” is a cockpit continuously sanitized from bacteria and viruses thanks to the imminent adoption of innovative GRAPHENE AIR FILTERS that are capable of eliminating even Covid-19.