About Us

Carrozzeria Coggiola is an automotive and aeronautical bodywork based in Turin, with an unlimited car production license, active since 1966. It was in that year that this coachbuilder was founded by the Italian designer Sergio Coggiola (1928-1989), a character whose talent for automotive industrial design matured in the 14 years in the service of Carrozzeria Ghia as a draftsman and as head of the technical office.

Our Heritage

In 1969 Sergio Coggiola begins a collaboration with the Swedish Saab: a long professional relationship that produces very interesting results both in terms of series production (Saab Sonett III and Saab 9000) and for the construction of prototypes (for example the Saab 98 Combi Coupe). In 1970, in addition to continuing his collaboration with Saab, Coggiola also took care of other works, especially in the field of design prototypes. This is how the prototypes based on Lancia Fulvia, Volvo P1800 and Pontiac Grand Prix were born. The following years were full of activity, with the creation of prototypes such as the Citroën Visa convertible and many others based on Audi.

the Renault prototype called Mégane dates back to 1988, which a few years later will give its name to one of the best sellers of the French company. The same goes for the Scénic prototype two years later. One of the peculiarities of the Coggiola bodywork was in studying the bodywork as a function of parameters relating to safety and torsional rigidity. The nineties were characterized by intense work, even after the death of the founder and saw the birth of prototypes for various brands (Fiat, Lancia, Opel, etc.) and the production of individual vehicles, special ordered by customers as one-off cars, including Bentley B2 and B3 coupes and convertibles.

There have also been experiments on Mercedes-Benz bases, such as the famous VRC modular prototype: practically a car with a removable and replaceable roof, with a different shape to vary the type of bodywork while keeping the same car. In the same decade prototypes were also created for more “noble” brands such as Bentley and Aston Martin. The 2000s were very prolific too: the T-Rex prototype, a very large SUV based on a Hummer chassis, was significant, as was the Toyota 735N prototype, a sort of minivan with a very profiled roof.

Our Present

In 2022 ETIOCA acquires the group and decides to reconfigure its resources and assets in a new structure centered around research, technical development and engineering. First project of this new course is the research and development of the design, technology and integrated systems of the ETIOCA taxi “Miner”.